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Have you ever looked at your energy bill and wished you could lower your monthly payments? Sure, we have all been there! The real question is – what is the secret to keeping money in your pocket without dramatically altering your lifestyle? Read on to know how energy efficient windows can increase the comfort of your home and the money in your pocket. In fact, the Department of Energy has estimated energy-saving windows could likely save you hundreds per year if you switch out your windows.

Old or Failing Windows May Cost You More Money

Your windows don’t have to be 50 years old to cost you money. Cheap windows installed in many new constructed homes may only be ten years old, but they can have the same issues as an older window. If you are having trouble with drafty windows, have visually apparent problems or trouble opening and closing your windows you may need to consider replacing your windows. Low standard products can increase the transfer of heat in and out of your home, which may be the cause of your increased heating and cooling costs.

The Right Replacement Windows Can Help Save Even More

Energy efficient windows help add comfort to your home and put an end to cold drafts and overheated rooms. Energy experts estimate that 70% of energy loss in a home occurs through windows and doors – with 90% of that occurring through the glass alone. In order to save on your energy bills you should look for a few extra features when you decide to replace your windows.

Maximum UV Reduction

Houses with several windows often have some of the highest energy bills. With the sunlight pouring in and heating up the room it takes a lot more energy to cool the space down to a comfortable temperature.  In the winter those windows also allow a lot of heat to escape, even tempered glass windows that insulate better. So you have high cooling costs in the summer and higher heating costs in the winter. To reduce your energy bills, look for energy efficient widows designed for maximum UV reduction.

Insulated Framework and Fusion Welds

Many windows have hollow frames that are glued or screwed together; these type of windows offer little insulation. It is preferable to get windows that are fusion welded and insulated. Fusion welded and insulated windows will provide the ultimate in energy efficiency and they will not rot, mold, or absorb water.

Vinyl Windows

To reduce the cost of your energy bills, the material used on your windows should also be considered. 100% virgin vinyl is best for energy efficiency. Vinyl windows maintain their beauty and do not fade and get brittle over time.

Double Paned Windows

In order to reduce the energy bills double paned windows are preferable to single paned windows. That extra layer of double paned windows offers more insulation keeping the cold out in the winter and retaining cool air in the home in the summer.

Need More Information?

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