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Awning Windows

Love the life you see through our residential awnings window in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Picking replacement windows in Mansfield, TX means making a lot of important decisions. While choosing replacement windows for your home you consider more than just aesthetics of window materials, styles, and upgrades, you have to think about natural light, ventilation and energy efficiency. If you are the one looking for all these aspects, awning windows should be your first choice.

What is an awning window?

The sash on an awning window is hinged at the top of the frame, allowing the bottom to swing out. Awning windows can be pushed open and pulled closed manually with a handle or operated with a hand crank. Awning window that is wider than its height is often installed higher up on a wall to preserve privacy or usable wall space. Awning windows help bring in a cool breeze and letting stagnant hot air flow out of a room. Because they open at the bottom, awning windows naturally shed water, so you are even able to keep them open in wet weather.

Where awning windows can be used?

Awning windows are the best for the areas that require an openable window. These windows can be placed higher on walls than most openable windows and can be located over furniture or benches but still allow access to the window for opening. This makes awning windows highly practical in bathrooms and kitchens and their ability to maintain privacy makes them a perfect choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. These windows can also be installed above doors or larger windows to improve ventilation, pull in more natural light, and maximize views.

Features of awning windows

Awning windows provide functionality, yet they also blend in flawlessly as a component of your home’s overall architecture providing many benefits such as good ventilation, without letting outside debris or other elements inside your home, increased security, add style to your home, attractive contemporary look and energy efficiency.

Why You Should Choose James Kate for your Awning Windows

At James Kate Construction, we offer a variety of configuration and window sizing options to perfectly fit your living space. Our trained and highly experienced window replacement experts have extensive window knowledge to make any project a success.

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