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Many of us will have time at home to tackle some DIY projects due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Here are 10 DIY tips that you must know in 2020.

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Is it time to make some improvements that will make it look impressive and increase the value?

There comes a time when we all decide to take on a DIY project to make our home more comfortable and to improve some features which have been annoying us for years. Moreover, the untimely developments of the Coronavirus pandemic mean that many of us will have plenty of extra time at home. Is now the time to finally begin your DIY project in the time of COVID-19?

Perhaps so. Which is why in this article, we’ll be running through some tips which you will find practical and helpful for your new DIY projects.

What Can I Hope to Gain by Carrying Out DIY Projects?

There are many reasons to consider carrying out a DIY project on your home, and probably more than you have considered. You can always hire someone and head to the beach, but then you miss out on the following.

For one, you can learn valuable skills with DIY projects. Whether your home is new or old, there are always things that need replacing or upgrading. Carrying out DIY on your home is very rewarding, and you develop plenty of new skills. Over the years, I have learned to replace doors and windows, conduct a decent painting job, and even tile my bathroom. 

The experience will also teach you how everything works, enabling you to become more useful around the house. Suddenly, a broken window isn’t such a big deal and an automatic call to a glazer.

DIY means saving money. The labour charge for a skilled professional is usually a good deal, but the money does add up. You will be saving hundreds – even thousands – of dollars by learning to do it yourself. 

I undertook a reasonably large renovation project in my home last summer and had a quote of $15K, which seemed reasonable. However, I took my time, got my wife and kids to help, and completed the whole thing for less than $5K. We had fun doing it also!

DIY projects can also increase the equity in your home – an added bonus. Deciding to fix your home with your DIY skills won’t just make it look better. With the right changes, you can significantly add to your equity.

Performing a good paint job, replacing old windows and doors, and installing a conservatory can add significantly to the value of your home. You can also have a decrease in your utility bills by making your house more energy-efficient. That always goes down well with potential buyers!

DIY is also a great way to lose weight and get in shape if it requires you to get active. Too many of us find it easy to gain unwanted pounds, but you will find that most DIY means that you are doing plenty of exercise.

As all as that, you will be so busy with the DIY projects that you might not have time for unnecessary snacking, and a day spent ripping out windows will mean working up a sweat.

DIY is rewarding but requires plenty of hard work. Some people believe hard work is good for the soul. In this case, it is also good for the waistline!

DIY Will Help Develop Your Skills as a Person

In addition to all of the above, you will gain respect and self-confidence in your DIY endeavours. Too many people are afraid to tackle a DIY project. They are fearful of making mistakes and having to end up hiring a professional to put it right.

If you undertake the right projects, prepare correctly, and take your time to get it right, you will gain the admiration of friends and family. Many folks will be impressed by your efforts.

Best of all, your new skills mean that you can help others. Once you have learned to do a good paint job, install patio doors, or put up a conservatory, you become more useful! You can put your newfound abilities to work to help out a neighbour or even get involved in a charity project to make a difference in people’s lives.

In doing so, you will improve yourself and meet new people. As you are developing your skills, you will get to know others who are like-minded – whether via courses you attend or through a get together organized through online forums about DIY.

Meeting new friends who have similar interests is always a good thing!

You Can Monetise Your Skills

There are good ways to monetize your DIY project. Aside from saving money by carrying out DIY, you can earn money with it.

Some people have demonstrated their projects through Pinterest, YouTube, or their blog. If you get enough views, this can become a lucrative sideline. It also gives you something interesting to discuss.

A DIY project has many exciting facets, and it can be fun to discuss all of the things which went wrong along with your successes. It will undoubtedly make you seem more a more interesting person.

DIY can also give you more retirement options. It is a perfect hobby for your retirement years, since there are always more projects to carry out and improve your home.

You can put your DIY skills to use to earn extra income. Giving you a viable and enjoyable way to add to your pension income is always a great idea.

DIY is an excellent way to keep your brain sharp. It is too easy to get home from work and spend the evening slumped in front of the TV, drinking a few beers. While that can be enjoyable, there is a better way to spend your time, which will keep your mind active.

A new DIY project is a challenge. You will need to read up on what you will carry out and plan your schedule. Making sure you do a good job takes concentration and will make your brain work hard.

Getting everything done right means you save money, add value to your home, and stay sharp at the same time.

Working on projects around your home is also pretty satisfying. You will start to appreciate your home due to understanding the effort it took to make it look so good.

Something is soothing about looking at the work you have carried out. You are no longer just looking at a kitchen, but a place you spent the summer improving. The plumbing that you learned to put in and it working is a great reward.

You may increase the value of your home, and your appreciation for doing an excellent DIY job might drive you on to the next house and project. Who knows? The profits from these projects might make you rich one day.

DIY can be enjoyable, but it can also have some real benefits. You don’t have to start with a massive project. There are many home improvement measures which can be completed in a weekend and take no special skills. Maybe it’s finally time to tackle painting the outside of your house.

What is the Best Way to Prepare For Carrying Out a DIY Project?

As discussed, DIY can be a lot of fun, and it also saves you a considerable amount of money. The objective should always be to get the project done correctly the first time. With this in mind, there are several steps that you can take to make this a more straightforward proposition.

Preparation is everything, so ensure to consider taking the following steps:

  • Plan everything in advance. Having everything organized in your mind is a great way to start. Don’t leave things to chance. Divide your project into stages. I don’t like to have a strict schedule as it takes away some of the enjoyment, but have a plan and separate it into different stages.
  • Get a proper source of materials. For some more substantial upgrades, it may be necessary to partner with professional installers such as James Kate Construction. Still, you will find there is a lot that you can carry out yourself with the right materials.
  • You might prefer a big store with a wide range of materials on offer, but we recommend checking out your local hardware store, too. Often they’re more helpful and willing to offer advice. A great supplier can make your life easier, so find someone who can offer what you require at a reasonable price.
  • Start slow. A DIY project doesn’t have to be a race. You should start by focusing on the straightforward things which need to be done. You can start easy, and build up to the complicated tasks when you feel competent and confident.
  • Educate yourself. DIY is often a learning process. You need to understand what the job will take and how to get it completed successfully.
  • Learn the skills that you will need and never be afraid to ask questions. There is a massive amount of DIY information and tips online, and YouTube, Reddit, and message boards are excellent sources of information.

Preparation is everything. Get that right, and you are halfway to completing a successful DIY upgrade for your home!

My Top 10 DIY Tips to Help You Improve Your Home

There is a seemingly unending array of tasks on option when it comes to upgrading our homes. Each house is different and has different requirements, but below are our top 10 tips which will improve each and every home:

  1. Paint your house. It might sound easy, but painting your home is a big undertaking. It is one sure way to upgrade your home’s looks dramatically.

Whether you plan on an all-white look or putting your artistic side to work and using vibrant colours for effect, this is a great project to undertake. The improved appearance of your home will be a great reward.

If you are considering selling your home shortly, it is a cost-effective way to raise the value of your home and an easy way to make it more sellable.

  1. Replacing a window. Upgrading the windows in your house is one of the best ways that you can improve the value of your home. It can be a big project, suitable only for the experienced DIY enthusiast or window professionals. However, you can replace a broken or drafty window in one day with a few tools. There is no reason you should not do this yourself, whatever your skill level. Just do plenty of research, have a proper plan, and make sure you have the required tools.
  1. Replacing or fixing a door. If you have a door that is sagging or sticking, it is quite straightforward to fix. There are many informative videos, such as this one on YouTube, which will show you how to do it.
  2. Install sliding patio doors. Again, this is a project that is best left for an experienced DIY enthusiast or professional installer, but it is a worthwhile project as the results can be dramatic. You can buy sliding patio doors in a complete set, and it is a case of taking out the current door and installing the new set. It is not a straightforward process, so do plenty of research and make sure you have all of the correct tools on hand.
  3. Eliminate smells from a drain. Bigger homes are likely to have drains that are often not used. If that is the case, the drain may dry out, and you will have an extremely unpleasant smell. This is due to the sewer gas from the sewer system or septic tank. You can fix this horrible smell by adding a bucket of water followed by a spoon of cooking oil. It will act to seal it and hold the drain water in the trap, thus eliminating the smell.
  4. Install a sunroom. Adding a sunroom to your home is another excellent way to increase its value. It also adds vital extra space for a growing family. If you are confident in your DIY ability, there is no reason not to install it yourself. Many sunrooms come in kit form with detailed instructions. There is no rush, take it step-by-step, and you will have a beautiful addition to your home.
  5. Putting up new shelves. If you have never done it before, putting up new shelves may seem daunting, and you might feel sceptical about drilling holes all over your wall. It is a straightforward process. With plenty of reading and research, there is nothing to fear. It is a quick and cheap method to improve your home’s appearance and gain vital shelf space.
  6. Update your staircase. If you have bought an older house that requires a lot of work, your staircase might be costly to upgrade. However, if it is structurally sound, there are some cheap methods to make it look great. The obvious option is to use carpet, but you can also consider painting it mixed, groovy colours or using stair stickers. Stair stickers are easy to attach and are a cheap option. Painting is also quick and won’t break the bank. Both methods will give your staircase an appealing and attractive appearance. 
  7. Install energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows can save you a substantial amount of money in your utility bills. They eliminate drafts and help to keep out the cold and keep the heat in!

It is a challenging DIY project which you should carry out when you are experienced and confident in your skill level. You can learn more about the benefits of energy-efficient windows here.

  1. Retile your bathroom. You might think that reTIling your bathroom is complicated, but it is surprisingly easy for the capable DIYer. It also has the added advantage of often being a small space! You can achieve dramatic results and gain a great looking space. Just prepare properly, and take your time.

Final Thoughts on DIY Projects in the Age of COVID-19

The reality of the Coronavirus pandemic means that much of the world will be spending plenty of extra time at home in the coming months.

For many of us, the act of attending sporting events or taking the family for a nice meal in a restaurant is becoming a distant memory. It means this is the ideal opportunity to start some DIY projects. Whatever your skill level is, you can achieve a lot.

There are many small and large DIY projects which are enjoyable to undertake. Don’t be too ambitious, of course, but test your skills and you’ll achieve some fantastic results that will improve both the appearance and value of your home.

You should recognize your limits and leave any complicated procedures to professional installers, but you will be surprised at how quickly your DIY skills improve and how much you will be able to achieve with the right planning.

Practising DIY will become a useful skill which will save you money and give you an exciting and practical hobby. There are many DIY projects which will add to the value of your home and not just beauty.

Start some research into an excellent DIY project for your home today. There is lots of great information available in books and online.

Start to improve your home through DIY today!